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Global Visionariez and IML My 30 day Experience

To summarize my experience with the "product." It is 99.9% stalling and wasting your time with shit like this and hyping their own products. Dudes acting like "whaaaaaaaa" and showing phone screens with profits. Facebook is flooded with these people showing off how their boy "[insert name here]" is selling money and yada yada. Most of the content they post and host is just recruitment hype videos to bring more people in. Seriously... Like all day every day it felt like. Most the videos feature some hipsters and text screenshots of them being like: "OMG I gots some mad pips brah, 100 million pipz lulz #winning [intense sarcasm]."
Do yourself a favor and unfriend anyone who tries to sell you this shit. Because they are not your friend, and they view you as a $35 a month paycheck if you sign up. Most the common stuff you see in groups is people touting the wins, but don't fool yourself... Everyone is keeping their losses quiet because no one wants to make a fool out of themselves. I mean who makes videos of them watching someone else in video chat? Someone who doesn't know what the hell their doing or how to work technology... Which they happen to have some miracle program that will "change" your life. Oh, and the haters, HA you should just ignore them because they all don't like grape koolaide.
TL:DR Oh, look ma some YOLO saying swag fags are saying they can teach me to make mad bread. But it is just a job selling a job selling jobs to other people who in turn will be selling said jobs to others who will do the same.
4/24/16 EDIT This is the kind of shit that constantly keeps popping up in my feeds and spamming my cell phone in texts.
I just got started with Global Visionariez and iMarketsLive, What is next?! First off, Welcome to our family! My name is[removed name of person] Founder of GV, an organization that is changing lives and lifestyles around the globe. It's an honor to have you apart of the revolutionary team where our visions align towards a common cause. We have some of the best leadership hand to hand with the greatest opportunity in the game right now, which makes it a complete power house! The goal is the be able take the average person and have them take the road less travelled towards becoming an entrepreneur and attaining true freedom! The skills you will learn working along side with GV and IML are long lasting skills that you can pass down for generations to come and will help you develop and craft yourself into becoming the best version of yourself. We live by the Triple T's; TRADE. TRAVEL. TRANSFORM. Lifestyle by design. As we believe these are some of the main 3 keys towards freedom and happiness! 📈.✈.🚧.
Let's get started, you just bought your new car, now let's adjust the seats it to how you like it and what you want. The first thing you want to do is be able to get activated on your services and plugged into the sessions.
🔌 STAY PLUGGED IN AROUND THE CAMPFIRE 🔸 Subscribe To GV Updates [removed link]
📡Want to EARN before you LEARN and get connected to the Automatic Mirror Trader? [link removed] (1) FIRST create your broker account (Trading Funds Account) Choose the broker of your choice, we suggest Tradersway or FXCM 🔸 Tradersway ($8/month on FxSignalsLive - Better Leverage) INCLUDING PROMOTION (Less Deposit Fees, 18+, Deposit Bonus) [link removed] 🔸 FXCM (FREE on FxSignalsLive): [link removed] (2) How To Set Up Your Mirror-Trader? [more yolo swag links removed...]
📈📉 Want to start trading yourself? It's CRUCIAL to LEARN before you try to EARN trading yourself! Practice, practice, practice before you go LIVE. RULE #1, Don't EVER EVER EVER try to PREDICT the markets yourself, Don't have a gambling mindset! Be smart, Be strategic. Start with a DEMO account until you feel comfortable enough to trade with REAL money (30-90+ DAYS). If you want to start trading your real money deposit and connect with an MIRROR-TRADER [link removed] and trade with Chris Terry during LONDON / NY Sessions! Keep in mind, TRADING is 80% Mental (Psychology) and 20% Fundamental (Skillset) 📚(1) EDUCATE YOURSELF (STUDY more than you TRADE): 🔸 IML EDUCATION: Log into -> TRADING -> TRADING LIBRARY 🔸 BEGINNERS KNOWLEDGE A-Z: [link removed] ; ⚠COMPLETE Pre-School before trading live 🔸 GVWSA COURSE: [link removed] ($50 one time) 🐾GV WALLSTREET (GVWSA): Train with Quillan Black through his legendary discounted course for IML members ONLY for $50 one time, completely up to you if you would like access, feel free to ask anyone around GV if it was worth it. If you plan to go to the next level trading and marking up charts you want to plug in ASAP! (2) SET UP MT4 (Trading Platform) + IML HARMONIC SCANNER 🔸 Download "MetaTrader 4" through App Store 🔸 Download MT4 / Scanner (Windows) [link removed] 🔸 Download MT4 /Scanner (MAC) [link removed] ⚠ Make sure you go through the Harmonic Scanner Course in IML Backoffice before you start using it. The Harmonic Scanner is primarily a confirmation tool to combine with your own analysis do NOT take trades off of it based of its entry calls, it is not 100% right neither would any software ever be. Use this in the right way and you will rock your world! (3) TRADE and LEARN with C. Terry 🔸 LONDON SESSION (Tues, Wed, Thurs) ⏰ 2am EST - 3am EST [more links removed] 🔸 NEW YORK SESSION (Mon - Fri) FOREX + FUTURES ⏰ 8am EST - 12pm EST [link removed] FULL RISK DISCLOSURE: Trading contains substantial risk and is not for every investor. An investor could potentially lose all or more than the initial investment. Risk capital is money that can be lost without jeopardizing ones financial security or life style. Only risk capital should be used for trading and only those with sufficient risk capital should consider trading. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.
🗣 Paid sharing a retail service that is teaching you a financially independent skillset and helping you generate wealth in the worst economy? The FACT that you can potentially earn RESIDUAL income by sharing (marketing) a service that you would share for free anyways! The average MILLIONAIRE has 7 streams of income and never puts all of their eggs in one basket, especially throughout your journey of becoming a trader, the comfort of knowing you have a weekly residual income while you are trading in the markets truly powerful! YOUR FIRST GOAL ASAP........PERFECT STORM BONUS IN YOUR FIRST 14 DAYS. How to SHARE: What is Forex?: [link removed] What is IML (Overview): [link removed] Compensation Plan PDF: [link removed] Compensation Plan Video: [link removed] **TAG THE NEWEST MEMBER TO HAVE THEM START OFF THE RIGHT FOOT👇👇👇
edit 2 Removed links from post, I apologize I didn't notice the rule for this subreddit and fixed it before an admin got onto me. =) Edit/update 3* 5-21-16 Been a while now, still end up getting spam texts and other crap in my inbox on social media and email.
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The Bonus Busters Review 2015 - Is The Bonus Busters SCAM Or LEGIT? Best Binary Options Trading Software. The Truth About The Bonus Busters System By Alex Goldman Review

The Bonus Busters Review 2015 - THE BONUS BUSTERS?? Discover the Secrets about The Bonus Busters System! So What Does The Bonus Busters Software do? Is The Bonus Busters Software scam or does it really work?
To discover answers to these questions continue reading my in depth and truthful The Bonus Busters Review below.
The Bonus Busters Description:
Name: The Bonus Busters
Niche: Binary Options.
Official Website: Access The NEWEST Version Of The Bonus Busters System!! CLICK HERE NOW!!!
What is The Bonus Busters?
The Bonus Busters is generally a binary options trading software that is developed to help traders win and forecast the marketplace trends with binary options. The software application also provides evaluations of the market conditions so that traders can know what should be your next step. It provides different secret strategies that ultimately assists. traders without making use of any complex trading indications or having to follow any complicated charts.
The Bonus Busters Binary Options Trading Method
Base the The Bonus Busters trading method. After you see it working, you can begin to implement the method with regular sized lots. This approach will certainly pay off in time. Every Forex binary options trader should choose an account type that is in accordance with their requirements and expectations. A bigger account does not imply a bigger revenue potential so it is a terrific concept to start little and quickly add to your account as your returns increase based upon the trading selections you make.
Binary Options Trading
To help you trade binary options effectively, it is important to have an understanding behind the fundamentals of Binary Options Trading. Currency Trading, or foreign exchange, is based upon the viewed value of two currencies pairs to one another, and is influenced by the political stability of the country, inflation and interest rates among other things. Keep this in mind as you trade and discover more about binary options to optimize your learning experience.
The Bonus Busters Summary
In summary, there are some apparent ideas that have been checked in time, along with some newer methods. that you might not have actually considered. Hopefully, as long as you follow what we suggest in this short article you can either get going with trading with The Bonus Busters or improve on exactly what you have already done.
There Is Only A Very Limited Spaces Available
So Act Now Before It's Too Late
Click Here To Claim Your Exclusive VIP LIFETIME User License Of The Bonus Busters Software!!
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Bonus Busters real time trading, start trading with Bonus Busters, Bonus Busters proof, Bonus Busters the truth, Get Bonus Busters, The Bonus Busters Review
Click Here To Download The Bonus Busters Software Right NOW!
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Here you can find the list of the newest Forex No Deposit Bonuses aka Free bonuses by Forex brokers in 2020. A type of Forex bonus that requires no deposit; thus, it's free and very popular among beginners. Trade forex with no risk involved and have a chance to make some free money. In order to withdraw the No deposit forex bonus or its profits, you need to meet certain conditions such as ... Forex NO DEPOSIT bonus - newest no-deposit bonuses from Forex brokers in 2020. Forex no deposit bonus to a live account - free! Profits can be withdrawn without a deposit! Latest Forex No Deposit Bonus and Forex welcome bonus updates 2020. All free bonuses for beginner traders. Forex broker utilizes No Deposit Bonuses to pull in new customers, particularly in the event that they are new Brokers, to expand their demographic as quickly as conceivable which is the reason they offer such free rewards. Presently, forex trading becoming more popular, so there are too many traders and they want to start deposit free welcome mean no deposit bonus. Luckily, there is various ... No deposit forex bonuses, maybe are the best chance to start trading without the risk of losing your own real life income. Here you will get the best no deposit required forex bonuses offered by a variety of Forex Brokers. Those Information are on a regular basis reorganized. Would like to trade on Forex, but do not challenge to make the first investment? New bonus from best brokers will help ... Forex NO DEPOSIT bonus - newest no-deposit bonuses from Forex brokers in 2020. Forex no deposit bonus to a live account - free! Profits can be withdrawn without a deposit! Forex No Deposit Bonus in 2020, All Latest NO DEPOSIT Bonuses List of Forex Brokers, UPDATED DAILY. No deposit bonus Forex Free. Profits can be withdrawn. All Free Forex No Deposit Bonuses in 2020. Over the years, we have worked with many forex brokers. Not all of them are as genuine as we would like them to be. Nevertheless, we do not stop our effort to work with the brokers who are personally contactable. It is crucial especially when a client needs help. For your quick view, we have compiled a list of free forex bonuses for you. These are the ... Forex No Deposit Bonus. Take an Incredible $30 No Deposit Bonus on XtreamForex. 9 September 2020 02:33 PM (CDT) Free $30 Forex Welcome No Deposit Bonus on RoboForex. 8 September 2020 02:26 AM (CDT) Take $100 Quick-Start Forex No Deposit Bonus on FBS. 8 September 2020 02:26 AM (CDT) Get Free $35 No Deposit Welcome Bonus on FortFS. 8 September 2020 02:26 AM (CDT) Get an Incredible Free $20 Share ...

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Here is my 1st uploaded video sharing brokers which offer no deposit bonuses currently live in the market. top 10 forex brokers with no deposit bonus FBS XM SUPERRFOREX INSTAFOREX ----------------------------Telegram channel --------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------... Best Forex Bonus features Deposit bonuses, No deposit bonuses, live contests, demo contests, free bonuses and other Forex promotions! This week's best Forex bonuses: 100% Bonus from OctaFX https ... In this video, you are going to become familiar with 6 forex brokers that offer no deposit bonus. No deposit bonus is a kind of free money that some Forex br...